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SECK ZERO Sparkling White

SECK ZERO Sparkling White

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SECK SAPRKLING ZERO is an aromatic, sparkling drink made from non-alcoholic white wine. A non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine for anyone who does not want to drink alcohol at the moment.

Goes well with finger foods or opens any celebration or event without alcohol.

Serving temperature: 4° - 6°C

Non-Alc Category Alcohol-Removed (DeAlcoholized)
Less than 0.05%
Volume 750ml
Country Germany
Region Rheinhessen
Producer Axel Seck


Ingredients: non-alcoholic organic wine, organic grape must, organic sucrose, carbonic acid, antioxidant sulfur dioxide

Allergen Information: Sulfites

Nutrition facts per 100 g/100 ml Calorific value: 68 kJ/16 kcal carbohydrates 3.6 g of which sugars 3.6 g contains minor amounts of fat saturated fat, egg white and salt.

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